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Pok̩Mon РPokeRap lyrics

I want to be the best there ever was
To beat all the rest, yeah, that's my cause
Catch 'em, Catch 'em, Gotta catch 'em all
Alakazam, Goldeen, Venonat, Machoke,
Kangaskhan, Hypno, Electabuzz, Flareon,
Blastoise, Poliwhirl, Oddish, Drowzee,
Raichu, Nidoqueen, Bellsprout, Starmie

I'l search across the land
Look far and wide
Release from my hand
The power that's inside
Catch 'em, Catch 'em, Gotta catch 'em all

Metapod, Marowak, Kakuna, Clefairy,
Dodrio, Seadra, Vileplume, Krabby,
Lickitung, Tauros, Weedle, Nidoran,
Machop, Shellder, Porygon, Hitmonchan
Gotta Catch 'em all, Gotta Catch 'em all
Gotta Catch 'em all, Gotta Catch 'em all

At least a hundred and fifty or more to see
To be a pokemon master is my destiny

Catch 'em, Catch 'em, Gotta catch 'em all,
Gotta catch 'em all, Pokemon! (Repeat 2 more times)

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