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Plies – Plenty Money lyrics

I got plenty money I got plenty money (ok) I got plenty money
Let da streets kno I got plenty money (ok) I got plenty money

What's in my pocket dog big face hundreds jus left da mall
Bought everythang that I wanted
I'm kinda of mad witchu haters
I'm real dissapointed cause what you didn't tell da people
Is I got plenty money
I got plenty money (8x)

(Verse 1:)
I like mah bitches hood but my all my whips foriegn
Jus bought another house da last one was borin
10, 000 square feet it feel like you tourin
Dese niggaz dissin me it ain't really important
Take off yo shirt nigga I bet yo ribs showin
You niggaz starvin my money ovaflowin
Jewelry game sick got all dese hoes adorin
Catch me in da club with all da 'gnac pourin
If I eva go to prison umma have plenty stories
Sleep real good ain't gotta worries
Stay fresh everyday jewelry stay glowin
I got plenty money and all you niggas kno it


(Verse 2:)
Next month guess what I'm buyin rappers
I'm startin to feel sorry for you lil bastards
I'm pretty hot yo career a disaster I control you niggaz sumthin like yo master
65 grand that round a beezle
Stay frum round me if you don't like 2 smell cheddar
I ain't fuckin wit dat hoe cause she a d*** hacker
Wanna kno who I'm fuckin my money I jus married her
She ben good 2 me I mite 5 karot her
Ran me out da store I brought to many plasmas
Countin so much money breathin like I got asthma
The old sayin is the mo money tha merrier.


(Verse 3:)
I don't kno why I botu da bently wen I had da masarati
What I paid for da goon chain 140
Scared 2 keep money on me cause I will blow it
My strip club name is mr. Will throw it
Keep fire on deck and I will show it fuck with me n get wacked
And all you niggaz kno it, scared 2 dance in da club cause my fire loaded
If you don't use it den guess what don't tote it
Mo money 2 most niggas mean mo whorish
Mo money 2 me mean keep goin
Haterz gettin tired my money still growin
Ball all night catch a flight in the mornin'

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