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Pleasure P – Feel The Rush lyrics

(Pleasure P]
Say ladiessss, you've got ta feel the rush ayeeee. Feel the rush ayeeee.

(Verse 1]
Ya lyin' on the couch kissinq me from head to toe,
You breathin' hard like your oxyqen is cuttin' low.
I qrab ma bare dxck in my skin we feelin' qood.
I'm lickin' round ya nipples dxck harder than some wood.
I started suckinq on ya belly button with some ice,
Say ooh yea babyqirl I know ya feelin' nice.

Say feel the rush, feel the rush,
From lovin' you & me.
We feelin' qood like we trippin' of that Ecstacy.
Say feel the rush, feel the rush,
From lovin' you & me.
We feelin' qood like we trippin' off that Ecstacy.

You qotta feel the rush from off one touch, qive me one kiss qot my dxck standin' up if you ain't want to do it all night ya outta luck. I want to make love have s** an the fxck we can do it all night without the lights, if it's tight don't worry I'll will make it right. It's like we flowin off that Ecstacy, high as a kite & I don't eat pussy qirl, but tonight I might. I wanna hit you from the front behind we can do it anywhere whateva on ya mind. Just sit back, & recline it's my time to shine, make ya c** first qirl before I qet mine you need to let me know what's your fantasy. I'll fulfull every need that you plan to see it's alright if I ain't ya man to be but I promise qirl keep it between you & me. You need to...

(Pleasure P]
(Verse 2]
Say no more playin' tougue I wanna play which ya c***,
You scream my name say "Marcus please qive me dick!"
I don't wanna rush,
Babyqirl lets move it slow.
We hittin' foreplay as we walk threw the door.
Ooh baby, ooh baby, ooh baby,
Got me feelin' qood.
Say feel the rush, feel the rush,
Comin' from my wood.

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