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Play Radio Play! – I Am A Pirate, You Are A Princess lyrics

Is there a hole in your heart
Or am I mistaken
I can see your capillary veins
You be the patient i'll be the surgeon
Just like 1st grade on the playground all day

Soon enough you'll hear the black top calling for you
After that there is not much else you can do

Have you forgotten your place
I'm being sarcastic
That shit could kill a bus of kids

We have a good thing
She is a bad thing
Why would she want to break us
Who would want to break us

Soon enough you'll hear the black top calling your name
Every day your life will never be the same

I am a pirate you are a princess
We could sail the seven seas
Bring back some presents
For all the people
Everyone will love us even courtney will love us

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    I think its about young love like everyone has been saying, but not only that. It is about courtney trying to break them apart, but their love is strong enough to withstand it. So they go and "sail the seven seas" see the world together, away from everyone, and then when they get back, they show them they are perfect for eachother, by bringing "presents" everyone will then leave them alone, even courtney, the one that tried to break them.
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    I think it mean a girl and a boy cannot be together because of their status'. Like the story the princess bride, which this song goes perfectly with, "i am a pirate you are a princess. " (fav part!) but still I believe its about two young lovers fighting for what the have and a jealous girl is getting in their way, but they still won't let it destroy their love.
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