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P.j. Harvey – Down By The Water lyrics

I lost my heart
Under the bridge
To that little girl
So much to me
And now I'm old
And now I holler
She'll never know
Just what I found

That blue eyed girl
(that blue eyed girl)
She said "no more"
(she said "no more")
That blue eyed girl
(that blue eyed girl)
Became blue eyed whore
('came blue eyed whore)
Down by the water
(down by the water)
I took her hand
(I took her hand)
Just like my daughter
(just like my daughter)
Won't see her again
(see her again)

Oh help me jesus
Come through this storm
I had to lose her
To do her harm
I heard her holler
(I heard her holler)
I heard her moan
(I heard her moan)
My lovely daughter
(my lovely daughter)
I took her home
(I took her home)

Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter.
Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter.
Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water.
Come back here, man. gimme my daughter ....

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    The meaning to this song is about pj harvey when she was young and innocent, and then she lost it down by the water, so maybe lost her virginity down by the water and she wants it back with the fish. She calls her daughter because that's a type of love isn't it? A mother and daughter relationship is very close, and she is close to her younger self and wants the blue eyed girl back. But she's gone.
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    Although the fascinating pj harvey remains a very talented individual on many levels, this song is one of those examples of what happens when a talented person combines several nights without sleep, with depression, hallucinogenic drugs, large amounts of alcohol and a pen and paper. There is no real cohesion of thought, but there are enough familiar elements to make it seem totally meaningful if the listener is completely whacked out on mescaline, acid or dmt.
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