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Pizzicato Five – La Guerre Est Finie lyrics

Translators: andrei cunha

Denwa no bell no oto
Nariyamu no wo kiite
Me wo samashita
Gogo niji sugi
Ame ga futteru

Kusha-kusha no kami to
Kusha-kusha no tegami
Yuube kaite

Yuube nonda wine to
Whisky no glass
Suigara ga afureta
Haizara no soba wo
Neko ga aruku

Senso wa doshite
Owaranai no kana
Senso wa doshite
Nakunaranai no kana

Futsuka-yoi no hi ni wa
Ongaku wa iranai
Nani wo kiitemo
Kirai ni naru

Yubin-butsu no taba
Fu wo akete sutete
O-cha wo nonde
Gogo wa owaru

Yuube denwa wo kaketa
Atarashii koibito
Anata no koto wo kangaete
Yoru ga kuru no wo tada
Jitto matteta

Senso wa kyo mo
Owaranai no kana
Senso wa tabun
Nakunaranai no kamo

Senso wa doshite
Owaranai no kana
Senso wa doshite
Nakunaranai no kana

O-kanemochi bakari ga
Atsumaru o-mise de
Ban-gohan wo
Sasowareta no

Yuube kite ita fuku wa
Tabun mo kinai
Atarashii fuku ni
Kigaete dekakeru
O-kanemochi ni naru no wa
Nee donna kibun na no
O-kanemochi no
Tomodachi ni
Kiite miyo

Senso wa tabun
Owaranai no kana
Senso wa tabun
Nakunaranai no kamo

I heard the phone ring
Then it stopped
It woke me up
It's past two in the afternoon
It's raining

My hair is a mess
A crumpled letter on the floor
A letter i wrote
And threw away last night

Glasses with wine and the
Whisky i drank last night
The cat is walking around
The ashtray full of
Cigarette ends

I wonder why the war
Is not over
I wonder why
There's still war

When i have a hang-over
I don't need any music
I can't stand
Any music

I went through my mail
Threw a lot of letters away
Had some tea
And the afternoon was over

I just stayed home
Waiting for my new lover
Whom i called
Last night
But thinking of you

Isn't war over
I don't think
War will end

Why isn't
War over yet?
Why isn't
War over?

I was invited
For dinner
To an expensive restaurant
Where only rich people go

I don't think i'll be wearing
The clothes i was wearing last night
I'll put on new clothes
And go out
I'll ask my rich friends
'what does it
Feel like
To be

I wonder if
War will be over
I don't think
War will ever be over

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