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Pink Floyd – Let There Be More Light lyrics

Far, far, far away - way
People heard him say - say
I will find a way - way
There will come a day - day
Something will be done.
Then at last the mighty ship
Descending on a point of flame
Made contact with the human race at Mildenhall

Now, now, now is the time - time
Time to be - be - be aware
Carter's father saw him there
And knew the Rhull revealed to him
The glowing soul of Heremond the Wake.

Oh, my, something in my eye - eye
Something in the sky - sky
Waiting there for me
The outer hatch rolled slowly back
The service men were heard to sigh
For there revealed in glowing robes
Was Lucy in the sky

Oh - oh - did you ever know - know
Never ever will they
I cannot say
Summoning his cosmic powers
And glowing slightly from his toes
The psychic emanations rose

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    As the album title suggests (A Saucerful of Secrets) this track is about ufo sightings. Mildenhall is a us airbase near Rendlesham Forest which had one of the most significant ufo sightings in history. The us government are alleged to have manipulated ufo interest to cover up top secret aircraft projects, hence, a saucerful of secrets.
    Hereward the Wake (meaning "watcher") had a base near Ely and roamed around Cambridgeshire. Maybe Roger Waters tapped into "psychic emanations" on the Astral Plane (Collective Unconscious) as floyd had connections with Cambridge, Syd lived there. I've tried correcting the lyrics but these were rejected. The name is Hereward not Heremond. He was an Anglo Saxon leader who resisted the Norman Conquest.
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