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Pigeon John – What Is Love? lyrics

I have to tell the truth
I have a weakness for women
In every state wherever I go
I know it isn't right I feel I'm barely swimming
And the waves keep on crashing down
After every show (Oh boy)
And what am I to do now
Where the he** is my crew now
Supposed to be watching my back
But they're jibbing too
And here she stands before me
And I'm trying to ignore thee
Possible chance of doing wrong
And now I sing my song

What is love, and am I in it
I really like girl and I think I should
What I feel, is there something in it
Cause if not I'm wasting her time
And that's just not good

I'm in the mall in Altadena
Looking through a new magazine
Takin' a little love test to see
If I'm even there
And now it's looking like I'm failing
And now I'm slowly inhaling
Is this issue of Sassy's for real
If so the next step's ill
And dude I'm way past confused now
What do I have to do now
Break up with the girl of my dreams
In the past made mistakes and
Regret every step so I say



And if I don't know what to say
And I'm just standing there in a daze
Please don't walk away so soon
My lady this it might just bloom
And if I don't know what to say
And I'm still standing there in a daze
Please don't walk away from me
Cause I am trapped now set me free

I have to tell the truth (nigga)
Right now I have a girlfriend (uh oh)
And she'll probably break up with me
After hearing this song (it's like that)
But what am I to do ( I don't know)
I gotta share what I'm feeling (share it boy)
Cause if I can't tell the truth
Then there's something wrong
So I still ask


So I have to ask, So I have to ask
Da da dada, da da dadaadaa (repeat)
I like you, I hate you
I want you, I love you
I like you, I hate you
I want you, I love you

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