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Pia Zadora – It's Wrong For Me To Love You lyrics

Fate led you straight to me
You came and suddenly
I was weak beyond control
I had given you my soul
My life was no longer mine.


I love you more than life itself
I never loved anyone else
I've tried to stop myself so many times
It hurts me
A love like ours
Where can it go?
I must be strong
'Cause now I know
It's wrong for me to stay and love you.

One life won't let let love grow
It has no place to go
So you tell yourself be strong
But the world tells you you're wrong
'Cause life has the final say.
(Repeat Chorus)

A love like ours
Where can it go?
I must be strong
'Cause now I know
It's wrong for me to say
Wrong for me to stay
And love you
And love you.

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    I can relate myself to this song. I was unexpectedly inloved with a married man. It took me heartache and disappointments to force myself to let him go after I realized that after I gave my love, understanding, patience and dedication to him as I know he is married, I am very cautious for her wife in order not to discover about us, but in the end, he revealed that he more careful because he didn't trust me all. It hurts so much!
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    Life has its coursed fate. We never know what it offers us beyond fate that it has written for us. It is not coincidence of having you partner. Its fate that leads us to one another. To where this would brings us, we don't know. But I know our love has greater meaning than we knew before. I will always be glad that I have met you and having you always beside me though sometimes from afar. It is a love beyond the normal it could possibly mean to any. I will always love you my bestfriend, my ally, and my lover.
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    Well I am experiencing exactly what the songs tells us. I have given my soul, to the extent I felt my life is no longer mine. I have loved that guy so much. I have given everything, sacrifice, patience but still I felt he could't give back the love that I think I deserve. And now even though I want to finish what we have but still the love that I felt for him stop me. I don't know how and I don't know how will I start my life without him anymore in my life.
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