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Phineas And Ferb – My Undead Mummy and Me lyrics

Let me tell you about my buddy,
He's 3000 years old,
He's wrapped in bandages and covered in mold
And debris.
My undead mummy and me.(yeah)

If a bully ever tries to poke me in the eye,
I'll introduce him to my decomposing guy
And he'll flee.
My undead mummy and me.(yeah)

All the kids at school are gonna have a conniption,
When they see my funky Egyptian mc...
My undead mummy and me! Yeah!
Undead mummy and me.

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Submitted byLeenyBeeny11
Corrected byeche


  • u
    This reminds me of Night at the Museum's Ahkmenrah. In fact, there was a fan-made video with this extended song as the audio with his first scene. The extra lines were "He's no dummy, he's chummy. My undead mummy and me, yeah!", then the last line. I thought the video was pretty funny, except there was no audio except for Larry telling Ahkmenrah he didn't have the tablet. I was a little bummed);
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  • happy333
    Leenybeeny11, I think you made a mistake, and you steenaj. Its not 'moldy debris' or 'molded debris', its actually something else that idk. =] and it is called My Undead Mummy And Me. I should know. I am from Egypt. =] I have corrected thge lyrics to save you the trouble, Leenybeeny11. =] I hope you don't think I am nosy or mean or whatever. If you think I am please give me a thumbs down =[
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