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Phineas And Ferb – Fabulous lyrics

I don't need to tell ya what you already know,
You're the one with style, you're the whole darn show,
The other guys play their instruments fine,
But next to you their looks are a crime.

Well they say true beauty it comes from within,
But your have to be comfortable in your on skin,
So I exfoliate with this exotic cream,
Just look at me, I look like a dream!

You're the one, yes you're the star
We need you back on bass guitar
You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous!)
You're Fabulous (I'm fabulous!)
You're the one we all can see, it's all about you (it's all about me!)
You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous!)
You're fabulous (I'm Fabulous!)

Now no two people are like each other
So don't be a look-a-like copying another
Unless of course you're copying me!
Because that gives you individuality!

Nice do! But back to the matter at hand
So what do you say?
Are you back in the band?

Well maybe if I can find my old leather!
Dude! We're gettin the band back together!

You're the one who sets the bar
Your hairdo king, the fashion star
You're fabulous (I'm fabulous)
You're fabulous (ooh I'm fabulous)
You're the one we all can see, it's all about you
(It's all about me!)
You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous)
You're Fabulous (I'm Fabulous)

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