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Phineas And Ferb – Aren't You Alittle Young To Build A Rollercoaster lyrics

Engineer: Aren't you a little young to build a rollercoaster
Phineas: Yes, yes I am
Eng.: Well I must say that I'm really quite impressed
But all your permits are in order
Don't forget the bricks and morter
And if you need a power loader be my guest
But if I'm pressed
I'd say you look a little young to drive a forklift
Phineas: Yes, yes I am
Eng.: It's good to see a younger guy like you

Who's creative and ambitious
A little bigger than his britches
And who got a fresh, exciting point of view
Yes, it's true
That you seem a little young
To do the things that you do
Even with all the moxie you've got
Yes, you seem a little green
To be controlling this machinery
Phineas: Yeah, I get that a lot

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