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Paul Weller – Uh Huh Oh Yeah lyrics

Uh huh oh yeh - Paul Weller

I took a trip down boundry lane
Try an' find myself again
At least a part I left somewhere
Buried under a hedgrow near

A lazy bridge on a hot afternoon
Water glistening while it plays a tune
Cloudburst on a rainy day
Wiping all my sleep away

Uh huh oh yeh - uh huh oh yeh
Always there to confuse and fool you

And in my mind I saw the place
As each memory returned to trace
Dear Reminders of who I am
The very roots upon which I stand

And there they were for all to see
My long, lost, used-to-be's
And all the dreams I had to dream
Were really something - not make believe

A lazy tree by a wishing well
I wish now that I could tell
If all the dreams I used to dream
Are really something, not make believe!

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    Boundary lane I think is referring to boundary way, a road that is close to the childhood home of Paul Weller. The road itself is bleak and amongst a business centre but if you look closer often on a Monday morning signs of the night before drug use is prominent on the streets. ‘I took a trip down boundary lane’ has a literal meaning, walking down boundary way but it also has and implicit meaning suggesting he got or something got ‘high’, commonly referred to as a ‘trip’. ‘At least a part I left somewhere Buried under a hedgrow near’ this line is referring to drug use once again. I think the first verse is the most important and that the rest that follows is showing him or another persons transition from drug abuse into normality. The end of the song is summed up by ‘My long, lost, used-to-be's’ which for me is saying that he has made his way out of the dark and has found himself again
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