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Patti Jo Roth-Edwards – Power And Pride: The Drones lyrics

The line is drawn, the die is cast
This isn't the first war, but it may be the last
Shouldn't it take a vote to decide
To kill us all for power and pride.

The president drew a line in the sand
The drones crossed the sky and scorched the land
Their children cried in spite of the plan
They are just like us - now we must stand

A glowing white light could shoot across our sky
All we love could die
The torture and prison that are all denied
By madmen for power and pride

They say it's for me, but I said "No!"
Boots on the ground and more and more drones
Blood and sand and broken bones
Broken hearts - sad lost souls.

A glowing white light from across the sky
To humble a leader sick with pride
Who seeks to concur when we want peace
We shout and march, demand it all cease

All we hold dear and all we call home
May be blown to hell by a single drone
That is not Ours but made by us
I kneel and pray and swear and cuss

This must stop today while it still can
Save us all from this insane plan,
The winds of peace can blow the sand
And erase the president's line

Before the drones light up my sky
If we do survive...
Do you want to survive?
Do you want to survive with so little else alive?

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  • pattijoedwards
    $17 million for a single drone. $60, 000 for a single missile. An ever growing "Kill List" of and by our President against all that is moral. I did not say my tax dollars should be used for such wrong. I wrote this song after reading a comment by a South African man who wrote: " Why don't the Americans do something?!" I need for him, and everybody to know, that I, an American, am doing all I can. I am working to inform the uninformed and misinformed that this is happening and it must stop.
    There will come a time when the countries that our President is attacking - the innocent people he is torturing - will have drones of their own, and just like our Leader, their Leader will give the order to some teenager to push a button. The song asks the question: "If you do survive, do you want to survive with so little else alive? "
    Power and pride can be healthy things. In the case of those running our United States of America, power and pride are at the other extreme: sickness and disease. The drones are a tool used to carry out the whims of wrong thinking.
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