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Parkway Drive – Carrion lyrics

In a moment I'm lost
Dying from the inside
Her eyes take me away
Tear me apart from the inside out

Dead eyes speak in volumes
But our lips refuse to move
Could this ever be the last time?
The final time
That we see this through

Give me the strength to return
Return the breath you've stolen
Give me the means to reset
Her heart I've broken again

Built upon sorrow
We're walking the darkest road
Within chests carved with with regret

In a moment I've lost
Taken from the inside
Her eyes take me away
Tear me apart from the inside out
From the inside out
The inside out

We've been running blind
And now were falling through the cracks
Were left running
We are running blind
Now were falling
Falling through the cracks
Into the world of the dead

Her shining eyes
Her shining eyes
Her shining eyes mark our return
Back from the world of the dead

In a moment I've lost
Taken from the inside
Her eyes take me away
Tear me apart from the inside out

My love I lost
My heart I lost
With a promise to return
A promise to return

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  • Faith111
    This song is tragically beautiful. A romeo and juliet type of song, star crossed lovers. It's about true love, your other half. Your soul mate. Only something is always coming between them. It could be anything. The timing could be off. One or both could be married or in a relationship. Pride, mistakes, misunderstandings, fear. Whatever it is, it's killing them both and they don't really talk about it. "Dead eyes speak in volume, but our lips refuse to move". "Her shining eyes mark our return back to the world of the dead". I think that without each other they almost feel dead inside. Carrion is a dead carcass. Maybe it's just too hard and he's given up and the look in her eyes tears him apart. He knows they need each other but he's too afraid because maybe she has hurt him too. Her eyes tear him apart but they also take him away. This could mean that she makes him feel good and bad. He ends the song with "My love I lost. My heart I lost. With a promise to return. A promise to return." This could mean that there is still hope for them. Maybe either in another lifetime or sometime in the future, but they are separating for now? Just my interpretation. Star crossed lovers.
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  • u
    I've lived this. Its about making a mistake or choice that destroys the love between you and your love. The pain is something that can take only a small reminder to resurface and in a moment you relive the regret. You can never return to the prior purity again, it has become carrion, a rotting thing that will never be what it once was.
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  • f
    My interpretation of the lyrics:.
    Carrion [The flesh of a dead being; possibly died and left his loved ones behind, regretfully]
    In a moment I'm lost [In a moment I'm dead]
    Dying from the inside [Rotting away; or losing a girl, and emotionally dying, the inside referring to his heart]
    Her eyes take me away [Simple: her eyes take him away to another place, make him feel as if he is in heaven]
    Tear me apart from the inside out [The beauty of this woman tears him apart from the inside out, with the inside being the heart]
    Dead eyes speak in volumes but our lips refuse to move [Not entirely sure about this bit, maybe it means that now that he is dead, his love is being conveyed clearer than ever, even though he cannot physically say it, as he is dead]
    Could this ever be the last time, the final time that we see this through? [Possibly referring to a funeral, the last time they will be together].
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  • u
    Could it be the death of dark thoughts, at last, what just leads to live… shakes may be opportunities or chances, as many other things, even if not asked for. She wishes him to recover the consideration in himself and consideration of the others too, trust in himself and in others too, self-love and love for the others too … she wishes him to keep his honesty and courage and his moving power … those wishes are dedicated to him first, anyway, even if altruism finally seems a bit far… and what about s**? Far from any length motions, it relies more on the valor of the relation itself, as a source of desire and confidence, and on imagination, I think. Certainly and hopefully there are misses in all that.
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