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Paris – Thinka 'bout It lyrics

Yeah! Another funky song for your mind in the nine-two
And the nine-three, P-Dog in the motherfuckin house!
Bout to get it started
Bout to get it started, live and direct from the underground
Still sayin what I wanna say, and I ain't gon' never change
[Verse One]
Oh what a shame, the way that we're dyin up
Killin ourselves with no help from the other one
Only thought, was how the hell to get your money on
Livin in fear cause you're livin in a war zone
So much funk, jump off from a wrong look
Make a wrong move one time and your life's took
Just the way it is when you're livin in the city
The way we dyin off is a motherfuckin pity
Extra, extra, read all about it
Another one dead, he seen a bullet and he caught it
How many gotta fall off victim to the game
Or being a ho, to the cocaine thang
Makin a rush up, to keep 'em comin back again
You oughta know by now it ain't no love for African
People stay enslaved to the ways of America I'm scarin ya
But I ain't goin out like that, so think about it now
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.." - "Young brothers just don't realize"
[Paris] Yeah, think about it
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.." - "Young brothers just don't realize"
[Paris] Think about it
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.." - "Young brothers just don't realize"
[Paris] Uhh, think about it
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.." - "Young brothers just don't realize"
[Verse Two]
People keep comin up, askin the news
They wanna know, why I do what I do
It's really kinda simple, so don't be amazed
It ain't no secret it's the way I was raised
Got much props from my pops cause he never stops
Bein a father to his child, he cared a lot
Raised me up, and to

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