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Paris – Check It Out Ch'all lyrics

That shit hittin..
Ah yes yes y'all
(naw naw man, naw man that ain't it, that ain't it)
(do that other shit, that other shit)
Check it out ch'all, here we go again another one
From the man on the run I recollect and take a stand
P-Dog, kickin over breaks that make ya wanna move
It's like that when the black cat get in tune
And now you bustin smiles when styles I rip
So many of 'em you'll discover most speakers are split
It's kinda like a little lesson in stressin the facts
And still be kickin so know where you at, black
Listen up to the groove of the cut
Feel the funk when the bass hump, tryin to get a niggy nut
And feel it hittin when the speakers jigglin like Jello
With just enough of that good funky shit to keep it mellow
Never fadin or stayin on course
The only sellin out I'm doin is sellin out tours
Somethin for your ear, comin loud and clear
It's the voice you FEAR, if your shit ain't REAL
Keep it comin one time for your mind on the mic
It's the panther, kickin over breaks you dance to
And doin devils dirty lickin lyrics to break beats
I'm buildin so the children always know where they at, G
Check it out ch'all, check it out ch'all
Check it out ch'all, check it out ch'all
Check it out ch'all, check it out ch'all
Check it out ch'all, check it out
Check it out ch'all, here I come again with verse two
With the knowledge of myself I got another one from me to you
(?) tracks movin smoother than machinery
It's plain to see I'm fin' to be another brother catchin heat
I take a stand cause America ain't shit to me
And bringin knowledge of the way it is supposed to be
And knock you devils out th

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