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Pardison Fontaine – Jumpin Jumpin lyrics
Jumpin', jumpin'
Bad, I come up with somethin'
Jumpin', get it jumpin', jumpin'
And make sure that my daughter never want for nothin'
Jumpin', jumpin'
Had to get it jumpin', jumpin'
Ayy, look, look

I said, now jumpin', jumpin', tryna kiss the sky
Nigga, jumpin', jumpin', I need my piece of the pie
On the road, gettin' turnt, D.W.I
Summertime, La Marina feel just like it's Dubai (I, I)
Exactly what these women want and need (I, I)
Jersey on, shit still up my sleeve (I, I)
Am the player captain, I make all the reads (I, I)
Did some dirt, I'm just comin' clean

[Verse 1]
Boy, you changed, you different, this another side of you
When it come to bein' punctual, I'm irresponsible
Got a text from a year ago that I ain't even responded to
I guess I deal with my problems same way my father do, I disappear
Niggas fronted, now I'm in the front, was in the rear
You could get whatever you want, you see it clear
I write myself, record myself, a rappin' engineer
In case a nigga piss me off I keep the pistol near

Ayy, jumpin', jumpin'
I was doin' bad, I come up with somethin'
At the crib, had to get it jumpin', jumpin'
Makin' sure my daughter never ever want for nothin'

[Verse 2]
Said she leavin', but she'll be back, though, I'll give it a day
If I had a dollar for every woman that I had feelen a way
I don't argue, 'cause I'm in the zone, that shit get in the way
I swear this dick get me in trouble, when I give it away
I could pull some strings like a banjo
I make music for the niggas in the bando
Niggas talked about me on the 'Gram, damn, bro
I don't respect it, but I guess I understand, though
I said God be a fence, Lord be a shell
If I get shot, pray my dream don't get killed
Lose that cotton-pickin' mind, when they play that in the field
And my soldiers go bananas for me, who tryna get peeled?
Y'all niggas trippin', y'all niggas buggin', let me find the Raid
Man, I knew it, that I was different, since the second grade
And I only fuck with niggas out here who tryna get paid
Took this Pardi on the road, might change my name to Parade
All this money out here, I'm like, "What the fuck's the problem?"
Bitch so bad, I'm like, "What the fuck's a condom?"
I'm just workin' hard to make the cash never-endin'
Every city that I land in leave a trail of pregnant women, representin'

Had to get it jumpin', jumpin' (Ayy)
At the crib, had to get it jumpin', jumpin'
Down bad bad, I'm gonna come up with somethin'
Makin' sure my daughter never ever want for nothin'

[Verse 3]
Fuckin' with the squad, it's repercussions
But I guess some things don't even need discussin'
Nowadays, I just move different
Had to get dark out, so I could see who with me and who missin'
Saw who stuck around and who didn't
Now I just kill niggas, watch 'em curl and die like beauticians
Lately, I don't feel nothin' or fear nothin'
Orange hat on like I'm deer huntin'
Now they gotta label me the new Bandana P
I'm the quiet storm they ain't hear comin'
Hailin' from the city that they ain't give a fair chance
Sometimes I pause 'cause I built this shit with my bare hands
My dawg, he on parole, he can't come on the road
Used to sneak me on the flier, now they put my name in bold
Man, I'm worth my weight in gold
Fuck these niggas thought I was not active?
Leader form up when I jog backwards
Look at the numbers that a nigga puttin' up
Shit, what I average is not average
I just upgraded to the Bentley from Dodge Stratus
You gotta love it
I came from nothin' and made somethin' from it
Man, they must be smokin' dust, they think they lit as us
Somebody better watch 'em, know them niggas movin' sus
Don't this shit make a nigga wanna jump, bust it, bust
And I'm up 'cause I do the stuff, y'all don't do enough
Got it jumpin' like it's tip-off
I got it jumpin' like I'm Kris Kross
Jumpin' like the Hulk when he's pissed off
Jumpin' like a MJ head fake
Jumpin' like a nigga just took off the leg weights
Niggas started talkin' 'bout the pain, and took off like a plane
Now it's... jumpin', jumpin', Westbrook through the lane, nigga, uh

Yeah, I got it jumpin', jumpin'
Ayy, nigga, got it jumpin', jumpin'
Jumpin', jumpin', nigga, got it jumpin', jumpin'
Ayy, yeah, I got it jumpin', jumpin'


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