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Parachute – Forever And Always lyrics

She's sitting at the table
The hour's getting later
He was supposed to be here
She's sure he would've called
She waits a little longer
There's no one in the driveway
No ones' said they've seen him
"Why, is something wrong?"
She looks back to the window
Suddenly the phone rings
A voice says, "Something's happened."
That she should come
right now
Her mind goes to December
She thinks of when he asked her
He bent down on his knee first
And he said...

I want you forever
Forever and always
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
We'll grow old together
and always

She pulls up to the entrance
She walks right to the front desk
They lead her through a million halls
A maze that's never ending
They talk about what happened
But she can barely hear them
She tries to keep a straight face
As she walks into the room
She sits by his bedside
Holds his hand too tight
They talk about the kids they're gonna have
And the good life
The house on the hillside
Where they would...
Stay there forever

I want you forever
Forever and always
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
We'll grow old together
Forever and always

And always remember
Whether rich or for poor or for better
We'll still love each other
Forever and always

Then she gets an idea
And calls in the nurses
Brings up the chaplain
And he says a couple verses
She borrows some rings
From the couple next door
Everybody's laughing
As the tears fall on the floor
She looks into his eyes
and says...

I want you forever
Forever and always
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
We'll grow old together
Forever and always

And always remember
Whether happy or sad or whatever
We'll still love each other
Forever and always

She finishes the vows but
The beeps are getting too slow
His voice is almost too low
he says...

I'll love you forever
Forever and always
Please just remember
Even if I'm not there
I'll always love you
Forever and always

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Forever And Always meanings

  • u
    They were supposed to have dinner and he wrecked and someone called to let her know he was in critical condition. She goes to the hospital and thinks about when he asked her to marry him, before she goes in the room they tell her what happened. She goes in and hes lying there she gets an idea and barrows some rings from the couple next door and they get the chaplin and they get married but when its his turn to say the vows his voice is low and the heart beats are slow. And then when hes done he dies.
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  • u
    Wow, the ending of this song is just soooo amazing. I actually cried. This song should definitely be on a movie soundtrack when the lover is dying. Omg I would just die!
    It's basically about an engaged couple whose love life is slowly fading away since the guy is at hospital and probably dying. But no matter what, they will always love each other. To celebrate their love, they got married just in case he does die and they can at least have the memories of getting married. Even though it is most probable that he dies, they try to look on the bright side and the happy future they'll have together. :)
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    This song reminds me on my gf, her birthday is in december and I asked her to marry me she accepted and she said i'll love you "ferever and allways" and 2 days later her mom called me and thold me that she had accident and the doctors lost her for 1 min exacly for the new year celebration and after that min she came back to life and when she opend her yeys she just said "even if i'm not there i'll always love you". And I'm glad all of that is finished now and we're happy together (can't imagine the life without her).
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  • u
    That time na tinanong ko sya kung anong favorite song nya sabi nya na marami tapos tnawagan nya nga ako at napakaraming snabi dahil mahal na mahal na mahal nya po ako tapo kinanta nya yung My One And Only by parokya ni edgar sa huli. Naka isip dn sya ng magiging themesong namin pag naging kami. Pinaplano nya na hnd nya na ako papakawalan dahil ako lang yung one and only nya at ako lang yung babaeng papakasalan nya kahit hnd pa kami, friends palang po kami pero yan na nga. Snasabi nya po sa akin na "I love you forever and always yatot ko." Ki niss nya po akosa forehead ko at alam na man po natin na one of thr sweetest thing in the worl is kissing the girl's forehead. Snigaw nya pa sa school namin na "I love you yatot ko!" Nagulat ako at tumulo luha ko. Tears of joy. Mahal na mahal na mahal nya po ako at the same time ang mga kaibigan ko inggit sa amin dahil ang sweet nya. Pinaglalaruan nya tenga ko sa school. At friend pa po muna ang turing ko sa kanya dahil 1st yr highschool pa po ako at 2nd yr highschool pa po sya. Bawal pa po ako pero tinuturing nya akong prinsesa ng buhay nya at yatot ng buhay nya. Tinuturing nya na po akong gf nya pero alam nya na friend muna ang turing ko sakanya pero alam nya na man na mahal na mahal na mahal ko rin sya. Snabi nya sa harap ng nga kaibigan ko na" single ang yatot ko pero heart nya is taken by me."
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