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Papoose – We Live In Brooklyn Baby lyrics

Giovanni, let’s go!
What’s up, homie?
Representing New York City!
We live in Brooklyn, baby!
Brooklyn, stand up!
We gotta make it, baby
Papoose, huh!
Our time is now!
New York City, our time is now!
We live in Brooklyn, baby!

I’m representing with the last don
Rapping the city, breaking new rap songs
Teaching the supreme mathematics,
You’ve got your math wrong
Reaching the hydraulics stash boxes that rap chrome
With their heads triggers that fire as soon as you rap on
Your heat ... is like Miami before they had Lebron
That man gotta kick like street fighter from that palm
Dope fiend, using that age, needle, they passed on
Taking next shots, can’t find a vein in their bare arms
Did a stick up in Jamaica Queens
Danced off, hopped in the dollar cab
The bus was taking that long.
Popping the bathroom mirror, putting his...
Last thing you see was my eyes having to scheme that’s on
Murder who only killed to the rhythm of ten songs
Street graduate, dance with deaf at the class prom
Bailing out of prison with half cash and half bones
Dug around the dollar like... drag on!

We live in Brooklyn, baby
Represent that New New York!
We gotta make it, baby
They say we’re getting back to the..., right!
Our time is now!
We live in Brooklyn, baby
Hey yo, John... let me talk to her one more time
We live in Brooklyn, baby
New New York!

I spit fire, voice of the inner city, the insider
Director making a motion picture, the script writer
..the moguls with the thick tiers
Tying up the knots on a black wheel with the clip...
Used to hang clothes on a clothes line, we get flyer
Cleanest in the crib, the ...
Listening to classical music to get inspired.
Beats by Dree, all white with the...
Transported, drop till we get sleepy
Swish drivers is all black... engine and...
Draw a tattoo, representing the entire family
The dynasty, undeniable empires
Sick and tired of reading old bitchuaries, I get tired
Expiration day, that we’re the day that we expire
Devil for the song and the...
Calculate the street code,
Call the street I live by.

We live in Brooklyn, baby
We gotta make it, baby
They say we’re getting back to the... right!
Our time is now!
We live in Brooklyn, baby

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