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Pacewon – Nobody (Feat. Rah Digga, Young Zee) lyrics

F/ Rah Digga, Young Zee

[Young Zee]
Who fuckin wit us?
One more time, nobody
Yeaaah, hah
And we don't appreciate (what the fuck?)
People throwin' they little two cents in (Outsidaz)
Spreadin' rumors (rah digga, young zee)

All grace, Pace the MC with great powers
Niggaz play my tape and blank out for eight hours
At 9 PM you get caught up in my rhyme flow
Then before you know it, it's morning/Mourning like Alonzo (good morning)
To the beat y'all, I mack like Peetie Wheatstraw
Girls say my speech, y'all inflated like a beach ball
Ya see the misfits and real sister's Digga (yeah Pace!)
Niggaz know we Soul 4 Real like the singers
To the fiends, my tape's like a drug now
Rappers smokin' it, choke and spit blood out
MCs watch me, clock me, keep charts
I'm a seat and they refuse to get up like Rosa Parks (sit down)
All MC's, here to Vancouver
Pace carry cans of pubic lice remover (yeah)
For crab MC-type intruders, I carry cans of pubic lice remover
High as fuck, drunk off the chardonay
Pacewon, represent the Garden State
Machete sharpener, Kurrupt like Daz's partner
Dark, too smart to fake moves like Ron Harper
I wil' on jokers more than Oprah got papes
And live to stop fakes like anti-lock brakes
When the cops chase I fiend like a crack buyer
To locate the joints pointed at this rap guy, ah
Weave a spell to make they're guns backfire
And hit their Michelins, giving them a flat tire
Foul to Cali, renowned, too (??)
Stroke up and down through pussy that will drown you
This is for MCs soundin' like me
Pace Won, I tell 'em not to dick ride me
Yeah, for crab MCs type intruders
I carry cans of pubic lice remover

[Chorus: Young Zee]
Who the fuck in here can rock like me?
(Zee, Digga, Pace): Nobody!
And what the fuck click get more props than we?
Who want to get it on with the O-U-Tz?
Nobody! Nobody!
Who the fuck in here can rock like Zee?
What the fuck click get more props than we?
Who want to get it on with the O-U-Tz?
Nobody, nobody!

[Pace Won]
From the door I despise you
Say one word I'ma fuck you up worse than St. Ide's do
So don't blast off, mouth get gassed off
And say something I'm gon' have to whip that ass for (we gon jump you!)
'nuff said, talk and get your fly ass caught up in my web
Sit and break bread, shake hands and make friends, cop a grey Benz
Got you like heavy metal, rock until the tape ends

[Young Zee]
And I can't forget the heads that get me high for free
That liked my shit back when we was rockin' Lees
And them fake niggaz always think of robbin' Zee
They just mad cuz they don't get more fucking props than we

Yo- men like me play with swords like Zorro
Fags like you could test positive tomorrow (for AIDS)
You gay as Rock Hudson, puffin'
Playin' like you somethin', frontin', suckin'
More dick than hoes do, parallel parkin'
Jump out your car then walk like Dolly Parton (lil' chicken)
This for the crews soundin' like us
Outsidaz, try not to dick ride us


Break it down

Who can rock like Zee?
Nobody, nobody
Yeah Yeah, what up?

Who the fuck in here can rock like Zee?
What the fuck click get more props than we?
Who want to get it on with the O-U-Tz?
Nobody, nobody, what?
Who the fuck in here can rock like P-A-C-E?
There's nobody, nobody nobody...
And who get more props than Zee?
Who wanna fight me?
Nobody, nobody!

[Digga] Uh, Rah Digga, nobody...
[Zee] In the Outhouse world, there's still nobody that can fuck.... uh

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