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Ozzy Osbourne – Diggin' Me Down lyrics

You're saving the saved,
Men and women enslaved,
Propagating the messiah conception

The rich getting richer,
Paint you into the picture,
Give the poor immaculate deception

Where are you, Father?
Why don't you save us?
The fallen are dying alone

How can you shut off their cries?
Ignore a new genocide?

So come on, Jesus,
We're all here waiting just for you

How long must we keep on waiting?
The faithful and blind are keepin' me, keepin' me down

How long? 'Cause my faith is breaking,
The pure and divine are diggin' me, diggin' me down

Do you live in the light
Or in the dead of the night?
Sanctimonious promises broken

Hypocritical sin,
Dying slowly within,
Is the sacred truth forever unspoken?

Life ever after,
Bohemian rapture,
Beware the dark side of the Son

You're just a self-made messiah,
Selling brimstone and fire

So come on, Jesus,
Don't keep us waiting just for you

How long must we keep on waiting?
The faithful and blind are bringin' me, bringin' me down

How long? 'Cause my faith is breaking,
The pure and divine are diggin' me, diggin' me down

[Guitar Solo]

How will I know you, Mr. Jesus Christ?
Have you already been here once or twice?

The son of man are obsolete facade,
How will I know that you're the son of God?

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Submitted bybanjo999

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Diggin' Me Down meanings

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    He know they glorified jesus before his time. He was the last great prophet. Immanuele was his real name. Jeshua, jesus, was the spirit son of god walking with immanuele. And he is talking also of the ones who use his name for mass control and to gain money. They say your not supposed to worship idols or statues. Then why is there a cross with immanuele on it in every church in america? He, jesus was the last great prophet sent by god to tell the tale. This is very much in reference to how the institution of churches lie daily and fool the masses. Truth is he will come when he comes. No man knows when but can be warned of. He is always amongst us. He is talking of false prophets and revivals of healing people. Only god has that authority. Religions is false. They took religion and made it their own and fooled a lot of people with his name> love this song.
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    Ozzy is bemoaning the hypocritical preachers of our day. They are the rich getting richer, self-made messiahs selling brimstone and fire. They want to draw us into their deception (paint us into their picture) while ignoring the fallen who are dying alone. They are the "pure and divine," the "faithful and blind" who are keepin' him down, diggin' the grave for his faith. He wants the real jesus to show up and put and end to all this falseness.
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    I think the point being made in this song is that christianity is a fabricated religion, or at least that is the way ozzy feels about it. There are alot of people who feel the way the lyrics in this song describe, myself included. It would be nice if the real christ came and saved humanity from itself assuming he exists as it is foretold and the words within the holy book are indeed fulfilled. Ozzy may indeed believe that one day the real christ will show up, that is one possibility, judging by the lines regarding words such as "how will i know you mr. Jesus christ" and "how will i know you're the son of god? ".
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