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Owl City – Tidal Wave lyrics

I wish I could cross my arms and cross your mind
Cause I believe you'd unfold your paper heart and wear it on your sleeve
All my life I wish I broke mirrors instead of promises
Cause all I see is a shattered conscience staring right back at me
I wish I had covered all my tracks completely
Cause I'm so afraid, is that the light at the far end of the tunnel or just the train
Lift your arms, only heaven knows where the danger grows
And it's safe to say there's a bright light up ahead and help is on the way

I forget the last time I felt brave, I just recall insecurity
Cause it came down like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me

Depression please cut to the chase and cut a long story short
Oh please be done, how much longer can this drama afford to run
Fate looks sharp, severs all my ties and breaks whatever doesn't bend
But sadly then, all my heavy hopes just pull me back down again

I forget the last time I felt brave, I just recall insecurity
Cause it came down like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me
Then I was given grace and love
I was blind but now I can see
Cause I've found a new hope from above
And courage swept over me

It hurts just to wake up whenever you're wearing thin
Alone on the outside
So tired of looking in
The end is uncertain
And I've never been so afraid
But I don't need a telescope to see that there's hope
And that makes me feel brave

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Submitted byNinjadolphin


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    Well the way I interpret this song is that in the beginning hes saying that hes missing something. And that someone would be someone he loves and they say they love him back, but he doesn't believe it. Then hes saying hes done some bad things and heart broken ex's but hes unsure now. Now hes leaning toward god and asking him for help. He feels as if he wont be secure becuz maybe tht person is wonderful and he or she doesn't realize that. So thier worried. Now maybe thier not talking or had a fight or something. Even as simple as not being able to talk on the phone, and hes really depressed. Hes trying to hide it but it wont help. Its been so long since he felt secure. Now hes just giving up and letting god have his life. Now he feels as if there is hope.
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  • u
    I found god in my life very recently, and that has got to be what this song is about since every single lyric applies to my life. It doesn't matter though, since everyone has the right to find their own meaning and Rondog doesn't need religious coaching from you. Plus, he's never going to visit this page again, so he won't see what you've posted anyway. I mean, did you come back? O wait, I'm talking to no one since you didn't.
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