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Owl City – This Isn't The End lyrics

An 8 year old girl had a panic attack
Cause the father she loved left and never looked back
No longer the hero, she counted on
He told her he loved her and then he was gone

[Verse 1]
She tried to look happy in front of her friends
But knew that she'd never feel normal again
She fought back the tears as they filled her eyes
And wanted him back just to tell him goodbye

When the rain falls down
When it all turns around
When the light goes out this isn't the end

[Verse 2]
Her dad was a good guy that everyone liked
But nobody knew he was dying inside

He promised his family he'd be all right
And then with a gunshot he left them behind

[Chorus (x2)]
When the rain falls down
When it all turns around
When the light goes out this isn't the end

[Verse 3]
The role of a father, he never deserved
He abandonned his daughter and never returned
And over the years though the pain was real
She finally forgave him, and started to heal

How close to the ending? Well, nobody knows
The future's a mystery and anything goes
Love is confusing and life is hard
You fight to survive cause you made it this far

It's all too astounding to comprehend
It's just the beginning this isn't the end
It's just the beginning this isn't the end

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This Isn't The End meanings

  • u
    From what I've seen, the opinions about this song's meaning are split between two; either the girl mentioned in these lyrics had a father who was depressed and committed suicide by shooting himself, or had a father in the military who was shot in combat.

    Reading the lyrics, I think either of these would work. It's obvious her father was shot, and that his family were concerned for his safety, and that would fit into both theories.

    However, the lyric 'but nobody knew he was dying inside' leads me to believe the first idea is true - that her father killed himself.

    Sad but beautiful and encouraging song, wonderfully laid out and so emotional. I love it.
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    I think its about the same as it clearly says it's about a girl suffering from her father leaving her because he was suffering depression and killed himself and she was blaming him for leaving her and saying he didn't deserve to be a father and it's hard for her to be happy for his death and she never got say goodbye to him and she feels that since he died now it's just the end of her life and her life with him and finally she forgave him at the end for what he did. I actually love this song all his songs reflect on real problems have like depression and such and bullying and makes u see life in different way . He too basically tells u that whenever your father or someone close dies you don't blame anyone and that their not gone their always going to be with you just in your heart.
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