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Owl City – Strawberry Avalanche lyrics

This is a world of dreams and reverie.
Where I felt the stars explode around me
A grass blade flashed with a gleam
As it slashed open a moonbeam
And I stared back breathlessly
As mountains of fruit tumbled out
I barely had the chance to shout
O strawberry avalanche, crash over me.

Staying awake that night
Was rather hard
Deep in a sleeping bag in your backyard.
When we woke up buried alive,
Beneath a fruity landslide we both laughed hysterically.
It could have been just another dream,
But I swear I heard you scream
O strawberry avalanche, crash over me

Hope is a citrus constellation in the galaxy,
Scratched at the back Of both my eyelids
That I've been dying to see
If you were a beautiful sound
In the echoes all around
Then I'd be your harmony
Then we'd sing along with the crowds
Beneath the candy coated clouds
O strawberry avalanche, please crash over me.

This is a world of dreams and reverie
Where I felt the stars explode around me

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    This is a song that focuses heavily on the powers of the human imagination. The author chose fruits and other natural occurrences and stuffed the song with imagery to show the audience exactly how realistic his sensations were. The most important lines of the song are probably "This is a world of dreams
    And reverie. " and "It could have been just another dream,
    But I swear I heard you scream; " all of which bring up the philosophical debate between epistemological externalists and internalists: What is real and what is not? As these lines suggest, the author believes that all knowledge of reality lies within our minds.
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  • n
    Omg! This song has absolutely nothing to do with murder, trust me! Nor is it about a woman having her period! Grow up!
    It's about remembering what it was like when we were kids, about having fun in the snow, back in the days when you were just carefree and everything was magical! That world of make believe and pretend where nothing is ever quite what it seems!
    As for the screaming part, have you ever had such a good time or been so excited that you literally "SCREAMED" with delight?
    Kids always scream, especially when they're having fun!
    I know I did when I was young (heck, sometimes I still do!)!
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    I have been wondering why it is that every time I listen to this song, my imagination runs wildly loose and why I imagine myself in a whole other world, where I'm happier. It's when I realized reverie means "to daydream" of, that I came to my own conclusion. Adam is telling us to believe in something. Nowadays, all we worry about is how we look and what people think of us. He is telling us to look beyond that view. In a world full of all your craziest dreams. And maybe by "where i felt the stars explode around me" he means everyone else, who is to busy caring about (what I wrote above). And he is like the outcast not thinking like the rest of society.
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    I think that the strawberry avalanche symbolizes love. When he asks the avalanche to crash over him, he wants love to crash over him.
    When he and the girl are asleep in the backyard, and wake up to the landslide on top of them, I think it symbolizes their love. She yells out what he said earlier, "strawberry avalanche, crash over me," asking for love to crash over her as well.
    The line "this is a world of dreams and reverie where i felt the stars explode around me" illustrates the magic of his love.
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  • s
    This song goes out to my girlfriend (yes I ish a lezzi: 3). I love this song and its a coincadince (sp?) that my "flavor" is strawberry and he has this song, and her "flavor" is vanilla and he has a song called vanilla twilight. Haha! And theres just something about owl city. Weve made it 'our' band because every song he has matches us! May the yuri on 3. 9. 09 live on forever! Xd ^_^.
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