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Owl City – Rainbow Veins lyrics

High-rise, veins of the avenue.
Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue.
Everywhere, is balanced there.
Like a rainbow above you.
Streetlights, glisten on the boulevard.
Cold nights make staying alert so hard.
For heaven's sake, keep me awake.
So I won't be caught off guard.
Clearly I am a passerby.
But I'll find a place to stay
Dear Pacific day,
Won't you take me away?
Slow down, heart of the New Year.
Brought down by gravity, crystal clear.
City fog, and brave dialogue.
Converge on the frontier.
Make haste, I feel your heartbeat.
With new taste for speed, out on the street.
Find a road, to a humble abode.
Where both of our routes meet.
The silver sound, is all around.
And the colors fall like snow.
The feeling of letting go.
I guess we'll never know.

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes,
And tell me when it rains.
Then I'll blend up that rainbow above you,
And shoot it through your veins.
'Cause your heart has a lack of color,
And we should have known.
That we'd grow up sooner or later,
'Cause we wasted all our free time alone.

Your nerves, gather with the altitude.
Exhale the stress so you don't come unglued.
Somewhere there is a happy affair,
A ghost of a good mood.
Wide-eyed, panic on the getaway.
The high tide could take me so far away.
Vcrs and motorcars unite on the Seventh Day.
A popular gauge will measure the rage,
Of the new post-modern age.
'Cause somewhere along the line,
All the decades align.

We were the crashing whitecaps,
On the ocean. (On the ocean)x2
What lovely seaside holiday,
A palm tree and Christmas lights.
My emotion.
Struck a sparkling tone like a xylophone,
As we spent the day alone.

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes,
And tell me when it rains.
Then I'll blend up that rainbow above you,
And shoot it through your veins.
'Cause your heart has a lack of color,
And we should have known,
That we'd grow up sooner or later.
'Cause we wasted all our free time alone.

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  • Cobaltshadow
    Oh I figured it out. This is about how the magic has gone out of his relationship "Your heart has a lack of color" so he and his girlfriend or wife or whatever she is to him have gone on a plane ride "your nerves gather with the altitude" to a vacation place at the beach "and what a lovely seaside holiday, away" and their relationship gets the spark back.
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  • b
    I can't believe I made an account on here just to write this but,.
    This song is about a person who is so caught up in life they don't think about the little things. They only concentrate on business and the stress is slowly eating away at them. Adam wants them to calm down and look at the beauty the person never takes the time to notice. That most of us never take to notice. He wants them to see the good in everything instead of making themselves sad by only thinking of the bad.
    He wants them to notice when the rain comes so they can see the beauty in something we say is sad.
    (it's about love, but a different kind).
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  • u
    I think that this song means that the singer (adam young) is trying to make a person happier, because he is talking about making this person somewhat happier with the colors of the rainbow. While most people think that this song is about drugs, which can easily be concluded. Additionally, considering that fact, come on, people! We are talking about owl city, here! Is there a time when there lyrics couldn't be drawn to drugs? There is meaning behind their songs. Everyone of them. So, this being said, I think that he is trying to cheer a person up, because when they are unhappy, he is unhappy as well.
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  • x
    This song is about two people that have been through so much heart break and hurt and they meet and realize that they can brighten up eachothers lives a little bit. They never fail to amaze eachother and they both want eachother to just be happy again. They take risks being with eachother but they both let go and just step out of their comfort zones. It is such a cute song it reminds me of me and my lover.
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  • c
    He is not referring to speed. He is referring to himself and someone else. "Find a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meet." & "The feeling of letting go I guess we'll never know." Meaning he wants to find someone and never let go. Then the chorus is explaining that when his significant other gets sad or cries he is going to form/make a rainbow, usually meaning happiness or to make happy again. "Your nerves gather with the altitude Exhale the stress so you don't come unglued
    Somewhere there is a happy affair A ghost of a good mood" Meaning things get stressful but keep your head up it'll get better!
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