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Outlandish – Stick 'em Up lyrics

Say uno dos
Stick'em up high high
Tres quatro
Give me whatch ya got right
Say uno dos
Stick'em up high high
Tres quatro
Give me whatch ya got right
Uhnananana (and if you don't know - now you know)

Nobody move
Outland officially rocking the groove
It's now official
Ready to bless you
With microphones and metaphors
3 outlaws on horses go lock you doors
We rob you for yours
Diplomat the first to this you
Not the type who'll kiss you
Cause we address the issue

Ey yo! The name is el moro
Riding with my mouth full
Looking pretty slick right
Taking over your life
Long nights, short days
Making everybody pay
Don't be fooled by the baby face
Let me prove I got what it takes
None to lose - gotta live
Po po's are following me
Saying that I'm worth 10 thousand g's
Get off my shit - nothing you need
Brother tell me you believe
That I'm not what they wanna see
Calling me el deliquente


Atrapado en dos verdades
En dos mundos paralelos
En uno soy el malo
En otro soy el bueno
No puedo controlar este demonio que llevo dentro
Quisiera yo quemarlo y dispersarlo por el viento
Mi doctrina es un disparo
Que traspasa tu conciencia
Se entraсa en tu alma
Que no te engaсe mi apariencia

Cougth between two truths
In two paralels worlds
In one I'm the bad one
In the other I'm the good one
I can't control this demon that I get inside
I want to burn it and disperse it with the wind
My doctrine is a shout
That goes beyond your conscience
It will penetrate your soul
Don't be fooled by my appearance

They never saw us coming
When we gunning they be running
Stunning to see you humming to the shit that you be loving
You living learning and burning you bridges by the dozens
Still tossing and turning not earning shit you just yearning
Disturbing cause
You judging instead of searching
The buzz begins when we emerge like what

Say hey Morena like you like that
You my muneca got it like that


Would you ride for el moro
Lie for el moro
Cry for el moro
Even die for el moro
The first conquers back then
You say when
Better know kid 'cause we do that shit again
Would you really live for el moro
Really feel for el moro
Really steel for el moro
Really kill for el moro
La milicia esta embarcada
En camino a alta mar
Con planes de conquista
Destinados a implantar

Say hey Morena like you like that
You my muneca got it like that

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