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Omega Crosby – Morning Vibes lyrics


Morning vibes
I be gettin them morning vibes
I be gettin them

[Verse 1]
Just another rainy day in central california
Too hot i need to take a trip to barcelona
Cali trees in the west, its the best aroma
I kilt the kitty rest in peace put it in a coma

Chiller than the AC, orangeburg life
Life is a gamble, so you gotta roll the dice
Mo-Cal is the city better get it right
To all the ones thats dead and gone man i love ya twice

First date and she wanna stay overnight
I ain't tall, but i take it to another height
You can't make a liar tell the truth right
And you can't turn a hoe into a housewife

Back then i was sellin gas like boyett
Somebody told so i had to flush it down the toilet
Im too busy to get caught and locked up
So i woke up spittin all this dope stuff


Morning vibes
I be gettin them morning vibes
I be gettin them

[Verse 2]
It go, year 2016
Skinny nigga with some big dreams
Fools biz never catch ya self in between
H*es stay with the drama i ain't into scenes

Last time was winter, but i still gave em summer
All the blocked phone calls, i gotta change my number
Life can get ugly so i let her keep her makeup on
In the traffic duckin the law, tryna make it home

I got the birds buggin, i got the female dogs chirpin
My ears hurtin, i don't fear serpents
Don't hate the music, when yo kids twerkin
These days its food stamps and you still workin

We made a lane then we stept in it
God is my boss, im the lieutenant
Ghetto gospel at its best feel the holy spirit
How you suppose to be alive and you ain't even livin


Morning vibes
I be gettin them morning vibes
I be gettin them

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