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Omega Crosby – Bugging lyrics

One hunnid

Life ain't a bitch if you make her happy
She took her heart out and threw it right at me
Flexin' on her, I use protection on her
No lie innocent as proven ya honor

I run this shit, I deserve a gold medal
Its deeper than ya think, fuck a damn shovel
Business is business and never been different
School of realness, perfect attendance

They be like he ain't drivin' he ridin' Miss Daisy
So sky high his eyes is on hazy
Fresh up out the Hilton she leanin' like she tiltin'
Meanwhile I'm on the 120 straight peelin'

Great is what I'm feelin', wrote it on the cielin'
She say that I'm fine her friend say I'm appealin'
Swagga on a hunnid naw steez on a million
Haters say I'm hot shit, naw I'm chillin' but

Yaw niggas is buggin
Yaw niggas buggin'
Yaw niggas is buggin', buggin', buggin' (4x)

[Verse 2:]
Would you feel for me
Would you kill for me
Would you be real for me
Would you steal for me
Would you keep it one hunnid on the real for me

I ain't got time for these fuckin' games
I done seen a lot in my fuckin' days, hey
I'm on the verge of puttin' bitches on the curb
Confirmation okay playa tell me whatchu heard

She come to home plate, know she gettin' served
Proper recognition somethin' I deserve
Urban I'm livin', yo chicks in my kitchen
Niggas be bitin' hooks like a mutha fucka fishin'

Lady so sweet I'ma call her Miss Goody
She was buzzed so I gave her a piece of my woody
Molly all grown up, pussy like candy
Her boy was actin' up so I hit em wit the Andy
Yaw niggas is buggin

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