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Omarion – Let Me Hold You lyrics

I been watchin you for a minute,
Gir ur so sweet scented,
Your life girl you need me in it,
I'm determined to win it,
I know what you need,
I know what's wrong,
I know how to make it tight,
Everything will be alright if you
Let me hold you,
And introduce you to my world,
Introduce you to the better side of life,
That you aint been seein girl,
Ima show you where it's at,
And Ima show you how to get it,
All you gotta do is be wit it and,
Let me hold you,
Down like a real man supposed to,
Whenever wanna approach you,
Lyin aint have intentions on doin good,
The dudes you wit is so fool,
To me girl ur so cool,
And all I'm askin you to do is,
Let me hold you,
Down like a best friend,
Homeyes in the game,
When you cry, I wanna feel ur pain,
No secrets, No games
All excitement, nothin waits,
Keep you happy, that's my aim
All you gotta do is,
Let me hold you,

In my arms, on my mind, all the time, I wanna,
Keep you right, to my side, til I die, I'm gonna,
Hold you down, make sure everything is right wit you, you could never go wrong, if you let me hold you,
Down like a real man supposed to, I'm tryn show you life of somebody like you should be livin,
Oh baby, baby, you could never go wrong if you,
Let me hold you,

Ima keep you up on what's poppin,
And shakin fresh to def,
Hit the mall, We could ball,
Til there's no more left,
I know you aint used to it,
But you can get used to it,
'cause the only way ima do it is,
Let me hold you,
All the homeyes think I'm trippin, 'cause I got you a pad,
See they just mad 'cause they aint get you, they aint get you,
Scorpio it's your sign,
Girl ur so fine,
And I'll do whatever it's ur time,
No shine,
Its what ur comin wit,
But ima change all that,
Rearrange that,
Put you in the range all black,
Wit the rims to match,
Chrome attatched,
Tvs in the back,
How you gon say no to that ma,
Let me hold you
?? Look at me like man here you go,
Really bout to blow some dough,
Aint no?? Nout to ride you so??,
Ima be, this was meant to be,
I just gotta work at it,
Like a crack addict,
In rehab


[Jd talks]


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