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Oliver – I Shall Scream lyrics

[Widow corney (spoken)]
You're a cruel man.
And a hardhearted man besides.

[Mr. Bumble(spoken)]
Hardhearted, Mrs. Corney? Hard?
Are you hardhearted, Mrs. Corney?

[Widow corney (spoken)]
Dear me! What a curious question coming
From a single man.
What can you want to know
For, Mr. Bumble? Mr. Bumble, I shall scream!

[Mr. Bumble]
No you wouldn't, heigh ho.
If I wanted something special,
Then you couldn't say "no".
Did I nearly catch you smiling?
Yes I did. And it's beguiling.
If you hand is close, I'll press it.
Yes, you like it -- come confess it!
Yes, you do...

[Widow corney]
No, I don't.

[Mr. Bumble]
Yes, you do!

[Widow corney]
I shall scream! I shall scream!
'Til they hasten to my rescue, I shall scream.

[Mr. Bumble]
Since there's nobody that's near us
Who cold see us. Or could hear us?
If you ask you can I kiss you
Say what will my pretty miss do?

[Widow corney]
I shall scream, scream, scream!

[Mr. Bumble]
If I pinch you one pinch --
From you shy protective shell
Can I un-inch you one inch?
Will my blinthesome, buxum beauty
Let her suitor do his duty?
Tho' his lap ain't very large, dear
Sit upon it -- There's no charge, dear.
Will you sit?

[Widow corney]
No, I shan't

[Mr. Bumble]
Will you sit?

[Widow corney]
I shall scream! I shall scream!
For the safety of my virtue I shall scream
Tho' your knee is rather cosy,
See my cheeks are getting rosy.
You would have me in your power.
If I sat here for an hour...

[Mr. Bumble]
I shall scream, scream, scream!

[Widow corney]
You're a naughty bad man.
If you think I can't be proper,
Prim and haughty -- I can
And you'll pardon if I mention
You must state your true intention.

[Mr. Bumble]
Is there not another room here?

[Widow corney]

[Mr. Bumble]
If there would be a bride and groom here --- would there be?

[Widow corney]
Well there might.

[Mr. Bumble]
We shall see.

[Widow corney]
I shall scream! I shall scream!
At the thought of what you're thinking, I shall scream!

[Mr. Bumble]
You will wonder where the scream went
When we Come to an agreement
As my lovey-dovey is chubby
Could she love a chubby hubby

[Widow corney]
I shall scream, Mr. Bumble!
I shall scream, Bumble-Wumble!
I shall scream, scream, scream!

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