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Oh, Sleeper – Heavy Hands lyrics

Could it be the dream was meant to deceive,
When everything in me
Bought that happiness would follow it's lead
If only I believed?
And now the choice is mine to let it die and hope I rise again
'Cause reveries of flight only left me questioning.

This was everything I wanted
And I can't believe I'm giving it up.
This was everything I waited for,
But this armor doesn't shine anymore.
The brightest sword sees no war,
Though broken, my blood is warm.
There's got to be something more.

Heavy hands holding the burden of change,
The only cost is pain.
The return is never promised in gain.
It's time for the blind to find their way.
And now the choice is mine to let it die and hope that I rise again.
'Cause reveries of flight only left me questioning.

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    Matthew Stewart
    I think this song is about someone giving up a life of violence to follow his new faith in God. He thought simply believing in God would instantly solve all of his problems and he would receive a life of happiness; however, he is realizing it is more complicated than that. "The brightest sword sees no war" because it never becomes stained with blood. His armor doesn't shine anymore because it has become stained by war. Even though he is broken from all the fighting, his blood is warm from the adrenaline and it is everything he wanted; however, he can't believe he is giving it up - but he has to because he knows he is blind and he wants to find his way. Even though the process of change is painful... he has hope to rise again because - there has to be something more.
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