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Ocean – Eoarchaean lyrics

Where does it come from
And how was it made?
Who died in the process
And who got paid a starvation wage? Shopcops protect
A terrifying place
Willing to serve you 24 hours a day
Slick etiquettes
A great masquerade
Fluorescent tubes illuminate milelong aisles
Aseptic floors
Colorful shelves: myriads of products, but all their content is the same
Fooled and deceived
Who made us fall for this sham?
Who made us swallow the bait that we need all that shit?
Place your blind faith
In every produce
Don't hesitate or enquire, just follow our rules
No one complains
Customer is king
Why would you bother, just enter the pin
Who made us fall
Fall for the myth
That we would be better off with everything at our fingertips?
No one realized
How somewhere along the line
We have surrendered to the great void in our lives
Overwhelmed by the immense selection
Exerted to cover our inanition
Afraid that there's something that we could be missing
We'd pay any price to buy everything
We stand in line and smile... Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives
Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives
Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives
Celebrate the great emptiness of our lives

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