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Now That's What I Call Music! – Get Gone lyrics

Verse 1:
In the Beginning you know I tried
To make it work for you and I
Seems like I was always by myself
Like you didn't never ever wanted help
The strain you put on me, You let me down
Can you tell me why after all I've done
For you and I, Now i really hate to say it
But i gotta tell you something

I think I better leave, (leave) you alone(alone)
So get yo' bags (yeah) and get the hell on
See be'cause i don't want you no more (I don't want you no more)
I think you better leave (leave) me alone (alone)
So get yo' bags (yeah) get the hell on(Get Gone)
Because love ain't here no more

I don't know if it hurts to hear me say all of these words
But then again, i guess by now i really don't care (See I've waited much to
Oh always thought that it could work, thought it could be forever you and me
Tell me what happened to us, Wait a minute don't speak,
Right now all i want to do is see you leaving

Leave me alone (alone)
Get yo' bags (yeah) Get the hell on (oh oh)
'cause i don't want you no more
Said i think I got to leave (leave) you alone (alone)
Get yo' bags (yeah) Get the hell on (get gone)
'cause love ain't here no more

See i tried to do it right
Tried to make you see the light
All that i wanted, all that i needed was you in my life
(Was you in my life ooh)
Had me broke down and for what
Tricked so many times, forgot who the real me was
But it's alright, I said it's good, 'cause im gettin rid of you

I think you got to leave, me alone (alone)
Get yo bags (yeah) Get the fuck on (get gone)
Be'cause love don't want, you no more (Get gone)
Said i think you got to leave (leave) me alone (alone)
Get to steppin (yeah) Get the hell on (Get gone)
WHOOOO Love (love) ain't (ain't) here no more

Oh leave me alone (alone)
Get yo bags, leave the keys
'cause i don't want you no more
See i think you got to leave (leave) me alone (alone)
Get to steppin (yeah) Get gone (Get Gone)
'cause love ain't here no more
I think you better get on, (get on), get on, (get on),get on, (get on), you
Aint taking the benz (get on), just get on, (get on)

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