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Now, Now – School Friends lyrics

You have a girlfriend but she's not your girlfriend
She's just your friend for the night
You'll have a new one in the morning
She'll have really pretty eyes

She'll be invisible like you want her
She'll try to do everything just right for you

You have a girlfriend but she's not your girlfriend
You just like her where she's at
And you'll thank her for the things she bought you
Then you'll go on your way

She'll be invisible like you want her
She won't go to class, but she'll sleep in your bed
And the next day when you chase the other girl
She'll remember all the things you said to her

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    When you not knowing the language, you can add your meaning to the song. For me this is it: You have a girlfriend but she is not your girlfriend, you just like her. You sleep with her one night, and that's it. Maybe its just luck. She has a life and you have too, a life far from her, far from that perfect apartment. I want this life, with this girl, but I need to go home and I know its just a mirage. You try to reach the things, when you reach they slip away, and advertisement says, the home is where you wear jeans. But when you will find yourself, you don't need anymore jeans.
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    I think this song is about a guy she used to like, when she refers to "she" I think she means that the guy used to act like he liked a girl every night. But in reality the next day he'd act like she was invisible, as if it never happened. Hence the verse "You have a girlfriend, but she's not your girlfriend. You just like her, where she's at." The guy would hang out with the girl.
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