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Notorious B.I.G. – 16 Bars lyrics

Recorded* live some; idiot yelling "YO BIGGIE MAN "!And
"GO BIGGIE MAN "!obscured this line - it's not very clear [Big]Cut

that s titoff man [Puff]What
you're about to see comin next is [Big]Rhyme
for rhyme ( )??[Puff]The
n anusthat's represented me [Big]Rhyme
for rhyme [Puff]in
ninety-three [Big]Let
a Bad Boy wreck dog give, it here [Puff]Give
it up for my man [Big]Give
it here [Puff]You
aight Big give, 'em about 16 bars [Big]Set
it off like this [Notorious

B I. G. ].All
you ni z***better leave the fuckin state no, need to masturbate Fuckin
with Biggie it's, time to castrate It's.. clobberin time When
I rip rhymes I quench thirsts like Very Fine and
I'm still thirsty - ni z***wanna hurt the six-pack, maniac, Coke
tecs, and, macs black Check
the stacks what, the f k**I?
throw uppercuts like Riddick Bowe And
I'm wicked with the slow-flow y'know, I'm?
pressin hard I'm, leavin creases Cuttin
up bodies and talkin to the pieces If
* there's beef I'm eatin meatless Touch
the bone hit, the dome Al, Capone Get
stoned off the blunt when it's filled with the skunk Get
drunk and, do a demolition to punk And
all chumps that, scream that my s titdon't thump They
catch lumps and bumps I'll, put a shake in your rump {

crowd*screams and goes nuts }*

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