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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – A Lot Like Me lyrics

High up on a rocky ledge
Holdin' all she's got
It ain't much except
The shattered dream and broken heart

He used her up
Made her old before her time
She's gonna take that final step
And leave her pain behind

All the sins that men commit before their done
Her lover had one lying silver tongue
She won't speak his name, it's too much to bear
But I saw his face as he left her there

Wooh oh ohoh
Sure looked a lot like me (sure looked a lot like me)
Wooh ahahah wooh
Sure looked a lot like me

He was just a boy barely 17
Feelin' drunk and talkin' tough
But he wasn't really mean
Bumped into this sidewinder
Should have backed way
Gave him some lip
Turned out they were
The last words he would say

All the sins that men commit before their done
His killer backed into one smokin' silver gun
No one asked his name, nobody cared
But I saw his face as the blue smoke cleared


Devil came and said, Sinner finally you are mine
But pardon me Mr. Devil but I think I need more time,
I've got a lot of mendin' up in life to do
The Devil said, You should have thought of that,
Before I came for you

Take this rope and wind it once for every lie
Once for every thoughtless act
And twice for tears they cried
Walk 50 miles naked in the desert sun
Praying for the souls that you have ruined, one by one

No one knew his name, nobody cared
But I saw his face as he was hangin' there



He sure looked a lot like me

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