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Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice (Rehearsal) lyrics

Loosely, she pulls my hair
Kept far in the back, making her own
Stay in your home
She don't lean on crutches
Yeah, I am now old
I know, yeah, yeah, yeah

Sitting tattered and old, she is a whore
I really don't want to hate
Pleading lies in all the wrong ways

She's, she is now old, now old, now old
Now old, now old, now old

We're seeing the hate
Feeding her own along the way
Keeping me in the back way, yeah
Boiled and burned with all the gays

Old, she's old, old

Our last day's crop
Fed her own mouth with a white lie
Kept her along all the way
Tearing along with all of our hate, go

I'm old, I'm old

So all we did was lie down
And all we had to do is beg
All we had to do was lie down
She covered us with a rain coat
Hey, hey, hey

His old right wing ways
Kept him along in all the wrong ways
Glory hole, hole, hole
Tearing along wherever I go

She said now, back in the hole
Back in the hole, back in the hole
Back in the hole, back in the hole
Back in the hole, back in the hole

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