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Nine Inch Nails – Somewhat Damaged lyrics

So impressed with all you do
Tried so hard to be like you
Flew too high and burnt the wing
Lost my faith in everything

Lick around divine debris
Taste the wealth of hate in me
Shedding skin succumb defeat
This machine is obsolete

Made the choice to go away
Drink the fountain of decay
Tear a hole exquisite red
Fuck the rest and stab it dead

Broken bruised forgotten sore
Too fucked up to care anymore
Poisoned to my rotten core
Too fucked up to care anymore

In the back off the side far away is a place where I hide where I
Stay tried to say tried to ask I needed to all alone by myself where
Were you?
How could I ever think it's funny how everything that
Swore it wouldn't change is different now just like you
Would always say we'll make it through then my head fell apart
And where were you?
How could I ever think it's funny how everything you swore would
Never change is different now like you said you and me make it
Through didn't quite fell apart
Where the fuck were you?

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