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Nine Inch Nails – Ruiner lyrics

You had all of them on your side didn't you?
You believe in all your lies didn't you?

The ruiner's got a lot to prove he's got nothing to lose and now he made you believe
The ruiner's your only friend well he's the living end to the cattle he deceives
The raping of the innocent you know the ruiner ruins everything he sees
Now the only pure thing left in my fucking world is wearing your disease

How'd you get so big?
How'd you get so strong?
How'd it get so hard?
How'd it get so long?

You had to give them all a sign, didn't you?
You had to covet what was mine, didn't you?

The ruiner's a collector he's an infector serving his shit to his flies
Maybe there will come a day when those that you keep blind will suddenly realize
Maybe it's a part of me you took to a place I hoped it would never go
And maybe that fucked me up so much more than you'll ever know

How'd you get so big?
How'd you get so strong?
How'd you get so hard?
How'd you get so long?

What you gave to me
My perfect ring of scars
You know I can see what you really are
You didn't hurt me nothing can hurt me
You didn't hurt me nothing can stop me now

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    Simple really. Preachers are the ruiners. They take away people free will by infecting them with the blasphemy they call religion. The you Trent refers to is the Church itself. To the logical mind, the size and strength of the Church and the ignorance of its followers is overwhelming. Later in life (when a person has awakened), he realizes that he has been duped. Finally, able to see the truth, the enlightened individual knows the Church has no real power and he can enlighten others leaving the Church powerless to stop him.
    Very powerful song. I just wish people of the Church who know they are lying to their cattle would grow the balls to tell the truth rather than continuing to serve their s*t.
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