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Nine – Warriors lyrics

F/ Bounty Killer

[Bounty Killer]
This iz de big bad Bounty Killa alongside Mista Nine
And we always a shine, ah we are a one-of-a-kind
We kill for a dime.. (aiyyo we gon' spark this up right now)
This time, it's crime, and rhyme
Lawd have mercy, lawd have mercy!(Bounty Killer, Nine)
Check.. Where dem said 'em want to watch

[Chorus: Nine + Bounty Killer]
I'm a - warrior
The God 'pon the low will take - four of ya
Yeah Nine brings the bass like - gloria
If you're weak I'm ignorin ya and - floorin ya
In the - corridor

I run with the unfortunate depressed adolescents
From tenaments and projects hell it's, seven I'm heavensent
The evidence is physical and mental
I put led to the head like a pencil and dent you
You five dollars, I already spent you
I lynch you your spotlight now I dim the lights
Break the mics like a dollar for the payphone
You shoulda stayed home, now you stiff like stone
Heartbeat like a dialtone (Ooooooo) you can't roam
When Nine and Bounty Killer plant crops, lick shots
Then all the bullshit stops, take cuts
Manhattan for twenty-four bucks!

[Bounty Killer]
We don't fear nah no boy, yo me nah fear no guy
Me unbeatable, me tell dem fool dem no try
An if it is a show, I am de star guy
Said this Iyya said dat now until ya said de wrong t'ing
Dat's what ya say to Nine too young fi yellin
Big gun ba-bulgin out de sprawlin Marlin
Weaks, a mi murder dem, in front dem darlin'
This I got-ta mention
Run tell me nah go speak my in-tention
Lion and de Killer yes dem rulin on a mission
Steppin on de block, wit de latest weapon
Boy ya gone dead, in a confronta-tion, yes yes!

Ahh, ahh
As the saga continue, what's left on the menu?
I excite you and wet you, before I get in you
I spin you like the bottle, make you wobble with lyrical intoxication
My demonstration will awaken a nation
Who wanna lyric prove I prove
The proof is mathematically related like first cousins
Gangsters come a dime a dozen, we all strugglin
So stop buggin druggin and hustlin, muggin and cussin
No discussion, I pack heat in these hard times
These +Sports+ are +Illustrated+, check +The Source+ to feel the +Vibe+
Get live like birth
Fightin for turf that's stolen ain't how I'm rollin

[Bounty Killer]
Well I'm about to dismantle, left right
No bullet from the head to de ankle
Run from de Nine all ya mus get trampled
Forty-five bust kill run me boy get my sample
Forty of ya wan to come front we in the backle
Life a murder people, well to me dat is nuttin
If you want a war, well ya askin for some'in
Me a murder boy, from his smile a mi likkle
Yes me a warrior, kill for dime and nickle
He nah go war, me a kill fi likkle bickle, shut up!
If you ain't done take it play how some stickle, well!

Hit him in the head and get him open like a dimepiece
I pack enough bozack, run in freaks in the front seats
My seeds to earth bring the birth
Of the next generation of revolution on this stolen turf
Cut off your ear, leave you blue like a smurf
Face down with your dick in the dirt, that must hurt
We puttin in work, now you up shit's creek
Like a pretty boy, in the pentitiary with big butt cheeks
Feelin freaked

[Bounty Killer]
We don't fear nah no boy Nine we nah fear no guy yes
Unbeatable we tell de punks dem nah try so
If it is a show, we are de star guys
Said this on dem said dat now until dem said de wrong t'ing
Dat's what dem say to Nine too young fi yellin
Well my gun ba-bulgin out de sprawlin Marlin
Twenty-one now we kill dem in front of your darlin'
This I've got-ta mention
Yes crush on dem nah gon' speak my in-tention

[Chorus:] - repeat 2X

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