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Nina – I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend lyrics

I don't wanna see ur face
I don't wanna hear ur name
I don't want a thing just stay away baby
Don't wanna know if ur alright
Or what ur doin with ur life
Don't wanna hear you say
U'll just stay in touch maybe
I'll get by just fine
And if ur goin then darlin
Good bye, good bye

Don't call me in the middle of the night no more
Don't expect me to be there
Don't think that it'll be the way it was before
Don't think that I care
I'm not over you yet
And I don't wanna be ur friend

I'll forget we ever met
I'll forget I ever let
Ever let you into this heart of mine baby
You just gotta let me be
You gotta keep away from me
Coz all I want is just to be free from you baby
Don't you come around
And say you still care
About me, just go now, go now

You take it so casually
But baby it's killing me, yaeh

Goodbye, goodbye

Don't call me in the middle of the night no more
Don't expect me to be there
Don't think that it will be the way it was before
No, baby
Don't call me in the middle of the night no more
I'm not over you yet
And I don't wanna be your friend
Don't wanna be your friend
Don't come near
Don't come around
Don't wanna be your friend

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  • j
    Janesis Maria Katrina Bacsa Castillo
    I'm kinda related to this song recently, this past 3 months. My guy bestfriend and closefriend Marlon Asi Cantos just avoided me and I don't even know why. He doesn't even know that he's hurting me in the process. But they say move on from what happened. So I tried I thought I already moved on and was over it already but I wasn't. The memories we shared came flooding back and it's killing me inside. I'm trying to be strong and enduring the pain he caused me. I'm Janesis 2.0 no more heartaches, no more pain. I'm going to get over it. I know I can. In the first place I don't deserve to be treated like that and I don't deserve the pain I'm going through. It's unfair he's so unfair! He didn't even think about what I'm feeling and what I would feel before he avoided me all of a sudden. And in the first place, he's the one to blame for all the pain I'm going through! We were so close, we were inseparable. But then everything changed, he changed! I thought he would never leave me but then he left me to suffer. Everywhere I go the memories we shared came flooding back and I can't do anything about it. Only time can heal my heart. I'm just trying to be strong here. I keep on enduring everything. If only it were that easy to forget him and our memories then I would have done it already. If only I had an amnesia then it would be easy for me to forget but I don't have amnesia. I never had an accident all my life I was always protected by my Almighty Father in heaven. I don't know if I can still forgive him after all the pain he caused me. I don't think I can forgive him, he's the one to blame for all the pain I've been going through because of him. Everywhere I go it's painful for me because it reminds me of him. I really think I can't forgive him, but deep inside me I'm hoping that the right time comes for us to become friends again. Only my Almighty Father in heaven can make a way for us to become friends again. But when that time comes I don't ever want to talk to him ever again. He just threw our memories like that, and I can't forgive him. I'll make sure that he'll experience the pain he caused me. I'm just going to bring back my PRIDE that I put down when he avoided me and I begged him on facebook that can we be friends again. He was always there when I needed someone to lean on, he was always there to comfort me when I'm hurting. He was the most important person to me next tp my Mom, Kuya Oliver and Haizel but then he left. I feel like I've lost someone important that I shouldn't be losing and I feel like I've lost someone important in my life.
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  • u
    They were together. And then broke up. The guy still wants to be friends. But I learned it's hard to be friends with your past love. When he treats you like a friend, not a lover anymore, it hurts. If you're not over your ex love, you'll hope you would get back together. You'll hurt from the past things said, done and the break up. Either you have the love, or none at all. Anything in between is torture. Why can't exes know that?!
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  • u
    I don't wanna be your friend coz I just don't wanna be friends with you, no more calls, nor text, this is what I want, I just want to be free with you, this is what I feel, it's better this way, forget everything, free the mind and much more the heart. Yes, baby, I don't wanna be your friend ;).
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  • u
    I think the story is when the girl gave up. The girl tried to put up with the guy, her best friend. But the guy maybe is just oblivious or doesn't see her that way. The guy might love her too but was afraid of rejection. So the girl just gave up. I don't know why she gave up but I think it's just getting harder and harder. The girl just doesn't want to be hurt anymore.
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  • u
    The song was about a breakup which the guy fell out of love. The girl is crushed and would just like to move on from it. Nobody likes the feeling of being just a friend of the one you shared your love with. So in order for the girl to move on she decided to delete this person from her life. She tries to convince herself that she ever let that person in to her heart because in the end, all he did was left her. All the promises of forever suddenly became "over" or "never". This song is really fit for those people who gave everything they had and yet was left by their lover and in the end, would like to hold on to their remaining pride and move on with their lives. It's not the end of the world tho. Press on!
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