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Nightwish – I Want My Tears Back lyrics

The treetops, the chimneys, the snowbed stories, winter grey
Wildflowers, those meadows of heaven, wind in the wheat

A railroad across waters, the scent of grandfatherly love
Blue bayous, Decembers, moon through a dragonfly's wings

Where is the wonder where's the awe
Where's dear Alice knocking on the door
Where's the trapdoor that takes me there
Where the real is shattered by a Mad March Hare

Where is the wonder where's the awe
Where are the sleepless nights I used to live for
Before the years take me
I wish to see
The lost in me

I want my tears back
I want my tears back now

A ballet on a grove, still growing young all alone
A rag doll, a best friend, the voice of Mary Costa

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I Want My Tears Back meanings

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    The song is about that after growing up, it becomes harder to feel emotions. The lyric "i want my tears back" shows that instead of sadness one feels the emptiness of depression. The verses show the whimsy that as children we see and the fun we can find in these objects or events. The chorus also shows that we lose the ability of seeing magic, and we want to find it again before we become lost to age.
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    This is what I'm thinking, meaning wise:.
    As we grow older, we begin to lose that sense of wonder and magic. It's a painful feeling that no one wants, thus begins the quest of regaining that sense of childhood magic that keeps are minds alive and wondering. I think that is what the song is about. A want of the innocent magic and wild imagination that creates a portal into a completely different world.
    Though, I wonder if "i want my tears back" refers to any kind of pain or depression that may have once existed. Some of the greatest ideas and creativity come out of such things, thus becoming happy again can seem horrible since it kills the creativity. Then again, maybe not, since it hard to connect that though to the rest of the song. Puzzling.
    Either way, nightwish is amazing and tuomas is a genius! The best music in the world blasts through my earbuds!
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    Reminds me of harry potter crossed with peter pan and alice in wonderand. Harry potter- a railroad across waters, (hogwarts express) the scent of grandfatherly love (dumbledore), decembers (hogsmeade covered in snow)
    peter pan- the chimenys (they fly over). Still growing young all alone (peter pan), a rag doll a best friend (wendy and her 3 brothers in the disney version were one carries a teddy with him everywhere). And then obvs the alice and wonder land referance: d
    I love this song: d -hannah x
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    Wow in no way is this song satanic, nor is it about wasted childhood, it is clearly about wanting to return to such an innocent joyful time as childhood, hence the lyric "where as the sleepless nights i used to live for" clearly in reference to a time like christmas eve where you don't sleep because your so excited, but all of it is wanting to reclaim what once was, not a wasted childhood.
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