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Nickelodeon – Tonight On Hallowe'En - Fairly Oddparents lyrics

On Hallowe'en
Out through the night
You should be filled
With fear and fright
But I don't see
Much here tonight
'Cause everything is so

I want something real and real scary
Not cardboard, or sqeaky, or clean!
I want something that's big, green and hairy!
Like a frog on a fur trampoline?

It's time to get down to bussiness
And spook up this boring scene
I wish things were real, and real scary
Tonight on Hallowe'en!

(Cosmo, Wanda and monsters)
Real and scary!
Like a vampire's fangs in the night
(Cosmo, Wanda and monsters)
Real and scary!
Like a witch on her broom taking flight!
(Cosmo, Wanda and monsters)
Real and Scary!
Like an unwashed, forgotten latrine
(Cosmo, Wanda and monsters)
Real and Scary!
Like a zit-covered, hormone-crazed teen?

So that's what I want
Real and Scary
So when I trick-or-treat, they can see
That I am a force to be dealt with
And they'd better give their candy to me!

I wish we were all real and scary!
I wish this were one freaky scene!
I wish the whole world were real scary!
Tonight on Hallowe'en!

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