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Nickel Creek – Helena lyrics

Helena, don't walk away
Before you give me back my heart
If it were mine, it would be yours to take
I'm sorry I've let down my guard, oh Helena

You looked so sweet
I should have seen
While I was playing for fun
You were playing for keeps

You win, I lose, is there some way
You can leave me in your debt
So my girl and I can live to die another day
On that day I won't forget you, Helena

You look so sweet waiting for me
While I wait for her to give me any reason to leave
Don't waste your pretty sympathy
She's gonna be just fine

And Helena, so will we
So will everything in time, mmm

Helena, don't walk away
Did you hear one word I said
Oh well, I never really liked her anyway
And I forgot her, I'll forget you, Helena

You're not that sweet
And neither is she
Go ahead and tell her anything

You walk, Helena
Cause guys like me never sleep alone at night
I don't need your sympathy
Cause I'll always be just fine

Yeah, I'll always be just fine
Yeah, I'll always be just fine
La la la, la la la, la la la

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    Seems like the narrator was in a relationship prior to meeting Helena, and as he found her attractive he told her a couple lies that were deeper than what he felt for her, ("Don't walk away before you give me back my heart." "Sorry I've let down my guard.") , but also was not done with his previous girlfriend.
    He tells her more lies in the second chorus, "You look so sweet waiting for me, while I wait for her to give me any reason to leave." He obviously thought she was sweet, but didn't care much for either of them.
    He kept Helena waiting much too long and she left him, and since he never really meant what he had said to Helena, and obviously didn't care for his original girl, he left them both and proceeded to live in his erroneous way, because "guys like me never sleep alone at night" anyway.
    A sort of "You're gonna leave? Okay, good, I never cared for you anyway." standpoint. A beautiful song, and unfortunately too familiar in society today. Quit being so damn greedy.
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