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Nick Cave – There Is A Light lyrics

Hey there sugar where ya gunna go?
I'm going downtown Daddy-O
What ya gunna do when you get there, girl?
I'm gunna get messed up in a God-Shaped Hole
Hey Mr Hophead, what ya gunna do?
I'm going downtown for some bad ju-ju
Ya going downtown too, Mr. Gigolo?
Damn right I am, Daddy-O...

There is a light thay shines over this city tonight
There is a light that shines over this city tonight
Let it shine

O Mr High Roller where ya gunna go?
Where the real high-rollin rollers roll real dough
Hey Mr Killer Man what ya gunna do?
Me and Mr Death are going downtown too
Ain't there one God Fearing citizen about?
They're all holed up and they ain't comin' out
What about Mr. Preacher to forgive us our sins?
Not that carrion crow with blood on his chin
And Mr. Politician can't he lend a hand?
He's too busy sucking on the guts of this town
And what about God and this Armageddon?
He's all blissed out, man, up in Heaven
Ain't there nowhere to run, ain't there nowhere to go?
(repeat line 3 more times)
Yeah, look to the sky, Daddy-O

There is a light that shines over this city tonight
There is a light that shines over this city tonight
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

What are the little kids gunna do, man?
The little kids are all standing around
What are the kids doing, do you know?
They are looking to the Sky, Daddy-O.

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