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Next To Normal – You Don't Know lyrics

Do you wake up in the morning
And need help to lift your head?
Do you read obituaries
And feel jealous of the dead?
It's like living on a cliffside
Not knowing when you'll dive...
Do you know,
Do you know
What it's like to die alive?

When a world that once had color
Fades to white and grey and black...
When tomorrow terrifies you
But you'll die if you look back.

You don't know,
I know you don't know.
You say that you're hurting—
It sure doesn't show.
You don't know...
It lays me so low
When you say let go
And I say
You don't know...

The sensation that you're screaming
But you never make a sound,
Or the feeling that you're falling
But you never hit the ground—
It just keeps on rushing at you
Day by day by day by day...
You don't know
You don't know
What it's like to live that way.

Like a refugee, a fugitive
Forever on the run...
If it gets me, it will kill me—
But I don't know what I've done.

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    This song is an amazing look into the mind of someone with bipolar disorder. The way the emotions are portrayed in this song are spot on and this just proves the entire musical was so well written by people who knew what they were writing about.
    As a person with bipolar disorder, I feel like the song accurately represents what people in this situation go through on a daily, weekly or monthly cycle. The paralysing fear of falling backwards but the anxiety of facing the future is all summed up really well in this song. It shows how a person with this illness is in a constant struggle with their mind and the external world around them. While most people keeps these struggles inside, this musical brings them to the forefront of family life and shows how it effects everyone with in a household, not just the person with bipolar disorder. This song is a pinnacle point with in the musical and sets the tone for what is to come, excellent foreshadowing. Overall this song, and the musical as a whole, is a great experience for anyone ready for a huge emotional journey and anyone willing for their mind to be opened to new situations facing people on a regular basis.
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