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New Kids On The Block – Since You Walked Into My Life lyrics

Time after time
Everything that I've tried
Can't do nothing at all
Everywhere I walk, nowhere to turn
I was losing my way
Crying every day
I was givin' up and you walked into my life
I never knew anything about love
In the world that I know
Lovers come and go
Nobody anywhere, talk like you do
Saying dreams can come true
Then you made me feel just like a man should feel

Ever since you walked into my life
All at once, I feel so strong inside
Anything you ask of me
I'll do it faithfully
Since you walked into my life (into my life)

Yeah, girl
You're the only one for me
Oh, girl

Oh baby (oh baby)
Now I've got a reason to live
And oh darling
How I love the sweet love you give (oh baby)
And I wanna spend my life with you
Wanna make your dreams come true
Every step you take I wanna be with you


I am learning that the touch of love is magic
Feel it once, and you will see your world so differently
Nothing stays the way that it was
Everything begins again
You're not who you've always been


Ever since you came into my life
I wanna be with you, girl

Since you walked into
Since you walked into my life
Girl, nothing's ever felt
Nothing's ever felt so right
Baby, I wanna be with you
Since you walked into
Since you walked into my life
I wanna be with you

Repeat and fade

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