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New Boyz – Spot Right There lyrics

Just call me whenever you want and boy I'll come
Cuz can't nobody do it like you
Cuz your number one
You know your hitting my spot right there
Right there
Baby right there
Oh boy you hitting my spot right there
Right there
(Ooo ooo)
Right there


She said it's funny how these young boys killin her
And they aint got that long stroke so I reggie millin us
She put it in my face ima eat that
Hungry made me cuss so many times
She need that gas money
Girl I think you sad tell me
All up in it
Got a tight grip so I never fall up in it
Michael myers killin the kitty
I think I kinda like her
And her body blazin I got her
Wetter than a fire fighter
Aint no off switch for me
It's like a tattoo
Girl ima beast nd I have more (boo)
I'm energetic n amazin
When I'm in there she be shakin
It's like makin love to haiti
And she all up in my head like an mp3
Then I hit it hit it hit it like an mpc
Based on that plot she give me two thumbs down
Before she test it
But the climax is that


I felt that 100 lil mama like to get
She like it when I hit that g spot come and kick it
I put it down and spin her body like the ones and twos
We goin hard knockin boots like it's 92
Lookin in her eyes hands strollin up against her thighs
Thinkin bout becky cuz the radio just played by
Now my song is on and she get on orgasm mode
Takin over the stage and speak into my mic n boom
Baby gettin wet like I just fell in a river
This skinny nigga hungry your body is for dinner
And then I go d-d-d-deep... To sleep
And you don't here nothin but that private water leak
Sounds good don't it yea you messin with some freaks
That you down n you see that your a legend from the beasts
Got a jungle in my room take a journey through my sheets
Got you feelin so good climaxin to the beats


All my La girls put your hands up
And all my atl girls put your hands up
And if you rock it like that I can do it like that
I can do it like that
See all my strap time girls put your hands up
And all my new york girls put your hands up
And if you like it like that I can do it like that
If you like it like that I can do it like that
And all my ladies say oohhh
Said all my ladies say oohhhh
And all my ladies say

I like it
Let me hit at your spot right there

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