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Nevershoutnever! – Dare4distance lyrics

I got the concept and came to the conclusion
That the top floor was just an illusion
To the fact that I got this break in my back
That I can't get out, I can't figure out how
You appeared right in front of me before you
Marched down south a university
Is where you spend your daylight
But we're both just waitin' for this Friday night
Although the distance is daring,
We both know how to drive
Oh, week-ends make up for the lost times
That we both apologized for
And I can't stand the fact that this extremity
Is the center of my day
I see where you're comin' from, we've been
On the same boat since day one
I see how you like to run
Back to the things that got you here, oh!
Although the distance is daring we both
Know how to drive
Oh, week-ends make up for the lost times
That we both apologized for
And I can't stand the fact that this extremity
Is the center of my day
You're the center of my day
Mondays, I sleep away
Tuesdays, I lay awake
Wednesdays, are the worst
Oh Thursdays, I reminisce
Fridays, I see your face
And I can breathe.
Although the distance is daring, I sure know what it's like to be alone.

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    I recently just moved back to texas from indiana again, and my girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now, and she is the center of my world! Anywhere she goes ill go in a heartbeat! She is my first and only love! I'm moving back and moving in with my brother and I only have 3 weeks to go! Because I moved in january and now its may 3rd, only 3 more weeks and ill finally be with my baby! Just listening to this song makes me tear up a little bit because I can relate! And that how my girlfriend and I have made it through these miserable 5 months its hard! We will be seniors in august and I know she is the one! My high school sweetheart! (: mine forever! (: we managed to get through everything!
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    This song to me says that even if yewr far from yewr true love things will be okay because yew always have those weekends to make up for the lost time that yew two have missed(: people say that long distance never works because it's too hard. Well, if yew love that person enough and they love yew enough and yewr both willing to waste the days yew have off from other things to do and yew just snuggle and be together all day then it will work.
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